When it comes to cleaning ourselves, or just dishes, we tend to spend most of our times in the kitchen or bathroom. And when it comes to it, sinks are the one feature we use quite frequently. Vanities sink may come in various design that makes them not just useful, but pretty to look at.

1. Pops of Color

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For vibrant bathroom designs, this sink will definitely help to spruce up your bathroom. This sink design is meant to emphasize a sense of peace, balance, and harmony.

The double sink also helps you and your family members to be more efficient; two people can use them at the same time, which means it helps saving time in the morning, especially if every one of your family member in your household is busy person.

Beige colored wall also provides the very sense of comfort and peace in this room, even at night.

2. Two Small Bathroom Sink Vanity

These two sinks are quite flexible regarding when you want to have them; it goes well in small-sized bathrooms, but it also perfectly fits with larger sized, spacious bathrooms. These two small sinks do not take up that much space.

3. Modern Farmhouse

This vanity design combines the elements of simplicity and sophistication of what can be described as a modern, yet elegant and luxurious. This one enables you to place many toiletries among other equipment in the bathroom, complete with one sleek sink on the countertop.

4. Built-in Vanities Sink

Perfectly suitable for small sized bathroom, this sink has built-in sink vanity to the wall and seemingly does not have much and unassuming. Yet, its simple design also allows you to customize this one in however way you like it.

5. Rustic Modern

One of the most simple sink designs, this one is mostly inspired by the traditional rustic homes. The smooth white bathroom tiles are reminiscent of the standard bathroom designs in early days, while the brown wood vanity is the rustic aspect of this sink.

6. Improvised Sink Vanity

While looking very modest and effortless from the first glance, it is actually pretty genius; this one is simply made by collecting and assembling unused woods, actually perfect if you are looking to have a cheap, but also creative sink vanity.

Up to two people can use these sinks, and the wooden counter that supports the sink can house many things that are usually found in bathrooms, like towels, toothbrushes, and other toiletries. Should you feel like it, you can put more.

7. Modern Luxury

Combining the elements of nature with the modern urban design grants you this kind of sink. The nature part of this sink vanity is represented by the presence of greenery decorating this sink. Keep the plants healthy and this bathroom and the sink will help you feel fresh.

8. Gray Modern Single Vanity

Modern, and slightly appears to be futuristic. The large mirror decorating the walls above the single sink on this modern countertop means you can take some time perfecting your look from any angle.

Two electric plugs are also found in the walls in the counter so you can charge your phone. No worries about getting splashed since them both are quite far from the sink itself.

9. Tree Stump Vanities Sink

Another simple sink vanity, and by looking from the design, you can tell that this one particular design can be placed in everywhere else, not always in the bathroom. Provided the water piping actually connects to the faucet, allowing water to flow smoothly, however.

This one is called such due to the fact that the sink is placed on a tall counter that resembles a tree stump, or a very large wood. The wall paint and the gray, rock-themed floor may also remind you to caves, or cliffs. As a result, this is one of the most unique, but also simple sink vanity designs.

10. Hand Crafted Rustic Laundry

With the right materials, when you feel like it, you can make your own sink. You just have to make sure the water flows smoothly through the faucets, and a big tub made of steel or aluminum. Basically, anything that can hold water smoothly.

If you are the kind of person who likes to engrossed in and implements a do-it-yourself approach, you can try to make your own sink vanity, and this one is just one of the many examples. It probably requires some time and work, but the finished result should worth your while if you do it right.

11. Floating Vanities Sink

Perhaps the grandest sink vanity design, it can be quite a sight to behold since it is very pleasant to look at. Just like other sink vanity designs; this is not only for show but also function perfectly fine. Plus, you can clean it up easily.

The wide and spacious glass sink means you can use this as a tub. Thanks to its size, it also allows several people to wash the dishes at the same time. If you’d like, you can actually install more faucets, although the water bill takes the toll. Still, this is one of the fanciest sink designs there is.

12. Presidio Heights Pueblo Revival

When you tend to spend some time enjoying the bath as a way of relaxing, this sink idea can be one of your choices. This one design is meant to complement the bathroom, whether your bathroom has a shower cabinet or bathtub.

The creamy white paint job exerts an impressionably clean and spacious atmosphere to the bathroom; it may make you forget that you’re in the bathroom, at your own house.

13. Mirrored Modern Vanity

This unique, not-so-symmetrical wallpaper gives off a twisted, optical illusion of the bathroom, and as a side note, the sink itself is exceptionally modest, placed in the center of the countertop, while the vanity cabinets reflect the view of its surroundings, almost like mirror walls.

Vanities sink are exceptionally important parts of the house, as we use them frequently. With a little touch of creativity, we get to feel a different sensation in using the sink, while sprucing up your kitchen or bathroom. Think is there any one or more of these designs captivate you?

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